Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre

Drama & Musical Productions


The Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre Society is a non-for-profit organization and is not operated for the personal gain of any individual. Occasions do arise, however, when an honorarium is required or considered appropriate.

The majority of the Society's income is generated through ticket sales for the various productions. Tax-deductible donations and grants have been received for specific performances, allowing ticket sales to remain at a price that is more acceptable and affordable to the supporters of the organization.

Great case is taken in managing the financial resources of the Society, and, even though some individual productions have not been financially successful, the general funds have never been in a deficit position. This can partially be attributed to the fact that detailed budgets are prepared for the general funds as well as for each individual production. Monthly financial statements are prepared and presented at monthly board meetings. These statements are compared to the budgets, and any deviations are discussed, and corrective action is undertaken whenever possible or necessary.

A certain level of financial reserve is a necessity in the successful operation of any organization, but the Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre is pleased to have been able to make certain donations to charitable organizations without jeopardizing the stability of its reserves.

Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre works hard at maintaining a high level of artistic quality but has never forgotten the importance of financial planning.